Zion’s Pa’rus Trail – Perfect for Families

In searching for a beginner’s hike at Zion National Park, I came across this trail that was not only good for novice hikers, but also for families with small kids in strollers, those in wheelchairs, and bikers. Appreciating the canyon on a bike as opposed to on foot must be quite the experience. If this sounds right up your alley, then check out the Pa’rus Trail.

Pa'rus Trail
Image Credit: skianything.com

The Pa’rus Trail takes you alongside the Virgin River, which maybe where it earned it’s name meaning “bubbly and tumbling water.” The trail is a perfect fit for just about anyone. It is..

  • Paved: wheelchair/stroller accessible and good option for cyclists
  • Flat: only gaining 50’ in elevation over the course of the entire trail
  • Short: 2 hours round trip
  • Scenic: you can see the Watchman, the Sentinel, and the highest point in Zion’s main thoroughfare, the West Temple
  • Pet-friendly: one of the only places in Zion’s that welcomes your furry friends
  • Accessible: the trail runs right next to the Zion Human History Museum and has many places where you can fill up on water. The trail begins (or ends) at the Canyon Junction where shuttle are available if you want to make it a one-way trip

and, best of all,…

  • Adaptable: you can take the trail at your own pace and exit at any one of the many junctures to make the walk/hike shorter

Truly, the Pa’rus Trail is an ideal option if you have a family with younger children or special needs. Don’t let your little ones hold you back from enjoying the best of what Zion’s has to offer! Find out more information about the trail here.

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