Zion’s: Beginner Hike – Tunnel Canyon

Zion National Park is one of Utah’s outstanding natural highlights. This National Park features stunning geographical sites along with an abundance of activities to enjoy. One of the most popular things for visitors to do in Zion National Park is hiking. An everyday hike is one thing, but exploring the incredible canyons of this region is a way to experience the outdoors like never before. It’s usually best to have some experience under your belt before venturing through Zion National Park’s more adventurous trails alone. This will keep you safe and you’ll get more out of your day on the trails. Those without much experience hiking in the area benefit from carefully choosing a beginner friendly path. One great choice is the Zion Tunnel Canyon.

Zion National Park Entrance

Hiking novices will find that the one-mile round trip hike through the Tunnel Canyon is challenging, but not taxing. After leaving the parking area, you’ll find a path that leads to the slickrock wash. The half mile hike upward is fairly easy, and once you reach the saddle you’ll simply turn to exit the same way that you came. Since much of the trail is a slickrock waterway, be sure to wear shoes that will provide the proper grip and keep you from falling. Footwear with a sticky, rubber sole is definitely a must. Because the area is prone to flash flooding, it’s also important to remember to never hike through the Zion Tunnel Canyon when it’s raining or when the weather forecast predicts a high chance of rain. Hikes through this canyon typically take about an hour, which is just enough to give you an exhilarating rush without leaving you completely exhausted.

While enjoying your hike through Tunnel Canyon, you’ll be able to experience a feeling of serenity and solitude, and see tons of beautiful scenery. No permits are required to enter the tunnel, and the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway provides access to the area all year long. If you’re fairly new to hiking and looking for a fun challenge, give Zion National Park’s Tunnel Canyon a try.

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