Zion: Easy Hike – Cascade Fall Hike

Zion National Park is a haven for outdoors lovers in St. George, and it’s especially alluring to hikers. If you’ve ever wanted to take a scenic hike that’s filled with jaw dropping beauty, majestic formations, and interesting plants, Zion’s is your place. For novice hikers, consider Cascade Falls located on the east side of the park. This hike provides an excellent opportunity to see incredible sights without a taxing hike.


Unlike some of the more challenging places to venture in and around Zion National Park, Cascade Falls is an easy hike for most, including beginners. As long as you wear rubber soled hiking shoes or boots with good traction, you’ll be set to enjoy a few hours of exploring the area. It typically takes about two hours to complete a hike through Cascade Falls, and the trek covers two miles. Along the way you’ll see the tall formations, gorgeous pools of water, and steep falls that bring fame to the area.

Cascade Falls also contains a slot canyon that provides remarkable views while also serving as an ideal place to catch a peaceful moment of tranquility and solitude. The trail leads to a vista that ultimately overlooks Cedar Mountain, and you’ll also be able to see Kolob Terrace. Since this is an out and back trail, you won’t have to worry about getting lost — to return, simply leave out the way you came in. The trail is well maintained and there’s no significant elevation change, which makes this hike perfect for anyone who wants to slow down and take in the sights around them instead of constantly scrambling.

Cascade Falls’ trailhead is on Forest Road 054 marked by a sign. You don’t need a permit to hike in Cascade Falls, and the trail is accessible year round from Zion-Mount Carmel Highway. Take this hike before winter hits, as the area is largely covered in snow then. Going off the beaten path is often the best way to discover nature’s gems, and this hiking route is no exception. To experience the wonders of Zion National Park in a new way, plan a hike through Cascade Falls on your next trip.

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