Vendor Review: Paragon Adventures

St. George is an amazingly beautiful place that hosts a wide range of natural features and sights. You can enjoy just about any outdoor activity and sport imaginable there, from biking and climbing to canyoneering and zip lining. Veteran adventurers will probably be comfortable heading off on their own and exploring the area, but those who aren’t familiar with navigating the outdoors in St. George will feel more comfortable with a guide. Having a trustworthy and knowledgeable person come along on your trip will help you make the most of your excursion, and one of the best guide services in the area is Paragon Adventures.


The team at Paragon Adventures has been operating in southwestern Utah for over 20 years, and the guides are all experts who are passionate about sharing the wonders of the area with others. They eagerly give information about the history of the sights that you’ll see and will definitely help you gain confidence when trying new activities. Each tour is private and tailored to your experience level and preferences. The personal attention provided by the guides at Paragon Adventures is part of what makes the company a local favorite, and they also offer many perks that you won’t find with other guide services.

In addition to creating custom routes and programs for each trip, Paragon Adventures provides pick up and drop off transportation for your convenience. They bring a cooler of complimentary cold drinks on each trip, which you’ll be thankful to have after a long day outside. Another great benefit that the company offers is digital photos of your outing, so you don’t have to worry about snapping photos while trying to have a good time. For those who want a more exclusive experience, Paragon Adventures also provides overnight trips, freshly made meals and snacks, sitter services for children, and the chance to see some of the area’s most remote and private locations.


If you have questions about what level tour you need, the company’s staff will make sure they don’t plan an itinerary that’s too strenuous or difficult — the aim is to help you enjoy every second of your adventure. No matter what type of outdoor activity you’d like to try, Paragon Adventures will provide an exciting tour that you won’t soon forget.

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