Vendor Review: Mountain Bike Buddies

Biking is a popular activity for locals and tourists alike in the St. George area. Touring the mountainous terrain by bike allows you to experience the beautiful sights of the region in a whole new way. Though advanced riders who are familiar with St. George’s paths and trails will have no problem setting out on their own, people who are new to the area may be a bit more cautious. If you want to connect with a biking tour guide during your stay in Utah, consider Mountain Bike Buddies

The Mountain Bike Buddies team will create a custom tour for you that’s based on your biking experience and what you’d like to see on your outing. They also offer a shuttle service that will take you to your chosen trail head and then pick you up at the end of the trail. These guides are experts who are very knowledgeable about biking and the area’s terrain, and they come equipped with tools to pack and assemble bikes, first aid supplies, and everything needed for any necessary repairs. Mountain Bike Buddies’ guide service will get you well prepared to head off on your own, and you have the option of paying for someone to ride along with you. If you need a bike to ride while you’re on your tour, Mountain Bike Buddies rents their Kona full suspension bikes to shuttle customers for just $20 per day.


You’ll have the option of visiting one or many of the trails in St. George, depending on how long you want to bike. Mountain Bike Buddies offers everything from early morning treks to late night rides. Some of the trails include Thunder Mountain, Brian Head, Little Creek Mesa, Guacamole Trail, and Gooseberry Mesa.

Rates at Mountain Bike Buddies are  affordable, and they provide services to groups as few as 2 or as many as 11 people. There’s a small up-charge to go biking at Brian Head, the Grand Canyon, or Moab, but it’s definitely reasonable given the distance. The company also gives family tours that can be enjoyed by parents and children.

The passion that Mountain Bike Buddies’ staff shows for biking is what gives this company its edge. They truly aim to help make each bike tour a memorable, fun, safe experience. If you’ll be in St. George and you’d like to explore the area by bike, Mountain Bike Buddies is a great tour guide option.

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