Vendor Review: Dixie Red Hills Golf Course

Southern Utah’s awe-inspiring scenery, lush hills, and towering formations make it an ideal place to enjoy outdoor activities. One of the most popular things to do in the city for locals and visitors alike is golfing. Hitting the green takes on a whole new light with St. George’s natural beauty serving as a backdrop. Lucky for you, the area has a wealth of golf courses to choose from. One of the best in town is Dixie Red Hills, a golf club with a storied history that dates back to the 1960s.


The nine hole course is well maintained, with practically no divots on the fairways and pure greens. It’s one of the most highly rated municipal golf courses in the city and has definitely earned its reputation for having a beautifully scenic course with excellent service from the staff. You’ll find that this course is fairly short, but it’s still plenty challenging for golfers of all experience levels.

This is an ideal spot to play golf if you prefer to take your time, and since it’s not typically crowded you’ll be free to enjoy leisurely rounds. Dixie Red Hills is easy to walk with few obstacles, and you could easily spend two or three hours there if you set aside an afternoon.

Aside from being located in a breathtaking setting, Dixie Red Hills Golf Club is a wonderful site for golfing year round. In the summer there are plenty of trees that provide shade, and even in cooler months playing here is a treat. Each hole on the course has its own distinct features, which sets Red Hills apart from other golf clubs in the area.

This club’s golf, cart, and range fees are all quite reasonable. Players looking to spend time relaxing while practicing their swing or enjoying the company of friends without breaking the bank will find that Dixie Red Hills is tough to beat. To make playing at this course even more convenient, you can book your tee times online ahead of your visit. If you’re a fan of golf and you’re looking for a memorable place to play in St. George, Dixie Red Hills Golf Club is definitely worth a try.

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