Top 5 Winter Activities in Zion National Park

Did you know that Zion National Park is the 3rd most visited park in the United States? Zion is famous for it’s magical and interesting red rock structures and slot canyons. This National Park is open year round (including the winter), so we highly recommend taking time to visit during the winter when there aren’t as many people.

Here are the top 5 winter activities to do in Zion National Park 

1. Hiking in Zion

Exploring around Zion National Park is an amazing experience any time of year but there’s a special feeling in the solitude of a winter hike in St. George. You may find snow in the canyon or on the trails. Snow in the main canyon is rare, but when it does happen it creates incredible scenery among the rocks. 

You’ll find hikes of all difficulties(such as the popular Angel’s Landing), but if you’re with you are looking for family activities or prefer an easy hike, there are some great options too! 

  • Emerald Pools 
  • Water Canyon
  • Weeping Rock 
  • Riverside Walk / Gateway to the Narrows (2 mi RT)

2. Scenic Views

From November to March, the shuttle isn’t required so you can enjoy the scenic views through Zion’s rock formation and canyons from your own vehicle, whether it’s a car or a bike. Be sure to stop on the best spots to take beautiful pictures!

hikes in st. george

3. Zion Jeep Tours in Winter

If the weather gets too cold and you want to feel warmer you can choose a jeep tour around Zion. With a Jeep tour, you can get to places that can’t be reached in a normal car, and it’s obviously much quicker than walking so you can see more of the park in less time.

4. Wildlife

Wildlife is abundant  in Zion Park, visitors often see animals as they drive through the canyons and explore the trails. It’s common to see mule deer, wild turkeys, and other species. Zion wildlife includes 8 species of mammals, 291 species of birds, 44 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 8 types of fish.

5. Photography at Zion National Park

Photography should be on your list of things to do in St. George, specially in Zion you’ll find amazing landscapes and the snow on red rocks or changing fall colors gives Zion a different look than in other seasons. Also, there tend to be less people during winter, so you can enjoy the views with as much space as you need.

If you are planning your next winter vacation at Zion National Park, Coral Springs Resort is the ideal location, just 30 minutes from the entrance.

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