5 Tips For Your First Zion Rafting Adventure

Zion National Park is an obligatory stop when you visit Southern Utah not only for the astonishing scenery and hiking trails but for the Zion rafting adventures you can have. 

Zion rafting is a very popular activity to try on your family trip to the park. To be prepared, here at Coral Springs Resort, we have 5 tips to help you have fun while staying safe.

Recommendations For Rafting At Zion National Park

1. Don’t Forget To Wear a Lifejacket

lifejacket for rafting in Zion national park

For your safety and the safety of the whole group, you must correctly wear a lifejacket. All buckles must be clipped and the jacket should be fitted snug to your body. Ask your instructor/leader to double check before you start the activity. 

2. Choose Licenced Rafting Companies

Paragon Adventures is a good option. Make sure your outfitter is licensed.

3. Learn How To Hold The Paddle Properly

rafting at Zion

Before entering the Servier River to start your Zion rafting adventure, your instructors are going to teach you the “T” technique. 

The T technique it’s really easy to do. One of your hands should be at the base of the paddle and the other on the end of the shaft over the “T” grip. 

4. Wear Comfortable Outerwear

While river rafting in Zion you’ll be in constant movement and it’s better to be in comfortable and light clothing. Also, try to wear cloth that can dry fast because you’ll be getting wet a lot. 

Also, don’t forget if you’re wearing your sunglasses they must have straps.

rafting at Zion national park in Southern Utah

5. Learn The Importance of Good Positioning

To prevent falling while rafting it is important to have the right sitting position and this will be shown to you before your trip. Pay close attention to your guide’s instructions as he or she will walk you through this.

Tuck the toes of one foot forward underneath of the cross tube or foot cup in front of you and press up. The heel of your other foot should be pushed firmly against the tube behind you. This will help keep you braced in the raft if waters become a little choppy.

Rafting at Zion National Park is a must.

Coral Springs Resort is one of the best resorts in St George, Utah that is close to Zion National Park, if you want to book a suite contact us!

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