8 Things To Do In St George Utah During The Summer

Ah, summertime we have missed you! It’s time to relax and start planning your next family vacation. And for those of you with kids, it’s a time to spend together making what will eventually become cherished memories. Or, at the very least, it can become a time to fill up their schedule with interesting and entertaining activities. St. George is a great place to spend a great summer and make fun things happen.

Things to Do in St. George Utah During the Summer

Here at the Coral Springs Resort, we specialize in all things St. George and helping people have a great time.

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    1. Go to Town Square Park

    Safe, relaxing, and beautiful. In Town Square Park your family can enjoy a splash pad, a lazy river, and many other water features that you and the younger ones will love.


    Photo: Town Square

    In the heart of St. George’s historic district, this park has spacious greenery and lots of walkways with ample space for children to play and adults to breathe easily. Don’t forget to take your kids on a carousel ride, it’s one of the most fun things to do! The park features water attractions such as several fountains to help freshen up from the summer heat, and as an added bonus, Town Square Park offers free Wi-Fi. Bonus!

    2. Paddle Sports

    One of the many fun things to do in St George in summer is to go to Sand Hollow Park for Water sports like boating, water skiing, wave running, and obviously paddleboarding.

    All the scenic places in such a beautiful national park make a great backdrop that would motivate even the most sedentary of people to at least splash around a little bit. It’s one of the favorite spots for all Utahns during summertime. Sand Hollow State Park is located just 16 minutes from our resort. You can also try doing more fun activities here like hiking, ATV, camping, and more!

    3. Visiting St. George Children's Museum

    One of the coolest places to visit in Southern Utah, not just to cool off with some A/C but to learn something while you’re there. This museum has a total of 12 exhibitions that are tailored toward both children and adults.


    Photo: St. George Children’s Museum 

    This St George Children’s Museum was not thought of and designed just for kids but also for adults, each exhibit allows the interaction of children with adults. It’s a place that likes to follow its motto: “Discover, imagine, and create” so every person that visits will leave with many fun memories and new knowledge. We highly recommend you take the opportunity to visit the replica of the Oval Office, it’s amazing!! Check out this article with the best 5 exhibitions in the museum.


    4. Red Hills Desert Garden

    Want to visit a place where you and your kids will learn about flora and fauna here in St George Utah? The Red Hills Desert Garden should be a must-visit on your list.  Explore these 5 acres of garden, and don’t forget to go to the top to get an incredible view.

    Spend a whole day learning about the almost 5,000 water-efficient plants, 6 unique fish species, 2000 million-year prehistoric dinosaur tracks, and later have some fun at the slot canyon replica. This garden is part of Utah’s history because it is the first desert conservation garden in the City. If you want to visit, they are open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm all week long, with no fees to enter.

    5. Going to Kayenta Art Village

    A unique and interesting enclave sitting on a nice-looking landscape, just waiting for visitors to discover it. Kayenta Art Village is a unique spot in Southern Utah full of art and music for everyone in the family, a great plan for a weekend. 

    In addition to art galleries, you’ll find theater, music, a spa, a delicious outdoor cafe, and plenty of interesting things to look at, including the stunning red rock landscape. Get to know the most artistic side of Southern Utah. It’s open all week long, the hours will depend but it’s normally from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

    6. Having Fun at Quail Creek State Park

    Quail Creek State Park is a unique park in St George, probably one of the few parks that has a reservoir and is open all year long. It’s well-known for the warmest and calm water. The maximum depth of Quail Creek can reach 120 feet.


    Photos from Rovepass & Utah State Park

    This is the perfect place if you want to get away from the more crowded places for a minute but still want to enjoy some watersports, go camping, and do some fishing. Check out Quail Creek State Park, where warm waters and cool winter weather await you.


    Photos from Fresh of the Grid & Amanda Outside 

    7. Hiking Trails

    St George is a well-known place for having the best hiking trails in Southern Utah. With many National & State Parks to visit, every outdoor enthusiast should definitely plan a trip whether alone or with their family, there will always be an ideal hiking trail for everyone. Hiking is probably one of the most popular activities here.

    Zion National Park is not the only place you will find incredible trails, you can also check out Snow Canyon State Park, Sand Hollow State Park, or Pioneer Park. The variety of parks is incredible, that’s why Utah is the mecca of outdoor activities. Because the weather can sometimes be very extreme, it’s important to come prepared with a lot of water.

    8. Drive Through Kolob Canyon

    If you are interested in unique geological history, plant life, diverse animals, and some spectacular views you must visit Kolob Canyon. It’s a great compliment to Zion National Park and offers world-class views. 

    Photo: The Dyrt

    Is located 40 miles north of the main area of Zion, unfortunately, many visitors tend to forget and miss the opportunity to see an incredible landscape. In case you don’t want to enter Zion, and just drive through the canyon, you still have to pay the Zion fees, which are approximately $30 per vehicle. 

    Lots of people think St. George is a winter-only destination. It’s not. There are amazing things to do and beautiful views to be enjoyed throughout the entire year. One of the key decisions is where to stay. We can help. We have some of the best Southern Utah Resorts. 

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