Tuacahn Amphitheatre

Tuacahn Theater is a world renowned venue that plays host to musical theatre productions and concerts near St. George, Utah. This venue is best known for the stunning natural red rock backdrop and high quality productions. It is only 30 minutes away from Coral Springs Resort and has a fantastic lineup for 2020!

Tuacahn is known throughout the intermountain west as a main attraction to the St. George area. Professional actors and world-renown shows make this a venue you don’t want to miss.

In the spring of 1995, Tuacahn Amphitheatre opened its doors to share with its audiences Tuacahn’s first musical theatre production UTAH! It was the beginning of a dream for Tuacahn Center for the Arts – a dream to heighten the arts, education, and the community it serves.

Having produced more than 50 major musical theatre productions, hosting more than 150 concerts, showcasing hundreds of professional actors and musicians, educating thousands of students, involving thousands of community volunteers, and seating hundreds of thousands of patrons. Tuacahn Center for the Arts proudly boasts more than two decades of theater excellence!

Also, Tuacahn Amphitheatre is located just 15 minutes away from Estancia Resort. Estancia Resort’s location on the western side of the city of St. George makes it easy to get to Tuacahn; which is located just northwest of St. George.


The Tuacahn theater is meant to be an analog for Broadway in the Southern Utah desert, featuring great productions during the warmer months of the year in an intimate outdoor setting.

The name “Tuacahn” itself is inspired by the Mayan name for “city of the gods”, which is “Teotihuacan”. Meant to be a center of the arts in the middle of such a grandiose backdrop as the desert canyons of Utah, an inspiring vision for those who enjoy the arts and study them there.


  • From I-15,  take exit 8 right to St George Boulevard.
  • Continue west to Bluff Street.
  • Turn right onto Bluff Street.
  • Continue north to Snow Canyon Parkway
  • Take a left on Snow Canyon Parkway.
  • Drive northwest on Snow Canyon Parkway to the second roundabout.
  • At the first exit from the roundabout, turn right onto Snow Canyon Drive.
  • Then take the first left onto Tuacahn Drive, follow the road to the  Tuacahn Amphitheater.

Brigham's Playhouse

And The Broadway Bound Washington City Center for Music and Theater

Brigham’s Playhouse theater was located near Coral Springs Resort just minutes from downtown St. George. Offering a setting where you could enjoy great plays throughout the year. They believed in the power of live theater and its ability to provide audiences and performing artists with life-changing experiences.

brighams playhouse desert theatre

Brigham’s Playhouse opened its doors in 2013, where they began producing a number of plays, offering auditions and summer camps. The new center for music and theater offers a very similar experience. If you’re looking for unique plans during your vacation to St. George, Utah, visit Broadway Bound Washington City Center for Music and Theater. It’s located just 12 minutes away from the Coral Springs Resort.


  • From I-15,  take exit 10 right to Green Spring Dr.
  • Turn left onto W Telegraph St.
  • Turn left onto N 300 W.
  • The center for music and theater will be on your left.
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