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Starlight Express

This weekend we visited the Tuacahn Theater to see the Starlight Express show. We had heard so many great things about the show that we decided we had to check it out. If you haven’t experienced Tuacahn Theater yet it is locate 5 to 10 minutes from downtown St. George, Utah. Tuacahn is a situated dramatically in a red rock canyon creating a natural amphitheater. Every seat at Tuacahn is a great view. Tuacahn not only offers world class musicals, but they also host concerts of every genre.


Starlight Express is a simple story combine with excellent special effects, 3D scenes and powerful music. The music was beautifully put together by Andrew Lloyd Weber, the creator of the Broadway hit “Cats”.  Tuacahn transformed their stage into a roller skating rink with jumps and a round track for the “trains” to derby. The musical was narrated by Payton Kemp who plays the young boy commanding the show from his bedroom. The child is not usually portrayed live. You just hear his voice. In this production, it helps explain the story and gives it heart. The story is very simple but exciting due to the special effects and enjoyable music. Some of the most exciting parts of the show is when Payton gives the crowd a heads up to put on their safety goggles (3D Goggles) and the trains race around the track doing tricks off the ramps and racing each other to the finish.


All aboard the Starlight Express. What an excellent show for the entire family. Fall time is the best time to see these shows because of the cool nights. Don’t forget to wear a sweater or jacket for these Fall time showings.

You can purchase tickets at a discount if you are staying at the Coral Springs Resort.

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