People come from all over the globe to see the surrounding canyons of St. George, Utah. Sheer red rock cliffs and sandstone formations make the earth look alive. Zion’s Canyon is a short 25 min drive from Coral Springs Resort and within five hours you can reach Arches National Park, Lake Powell, The Grand Canyon, or Goblin Valley. All of these areas are a canyoneer’s dream.

Whether you are going solo, in a small group, or on an organized tour, Coral Springs Resort is the perfect base camp for your St. George canyoneering adventure. Nowhere else can you combine luxury and location as you’ll find at Coral Springs. Bring your ropes, shoes, and gear and come to nature’s most beautiful and challenging playground!

Below you will find some trusted canyoneering tour companies in St. George and Utah area.

St. George Canyoneering Companies

Red Desert Adventure

st. george canyoneering
Red Desert Adventure: 435-668-2888

Red Desert Adventure is an outdoor adventure guide service operating in the Southern Utah and Zion National Park area. We offer guided canyoneering, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and instructional courses. A canyoneering adventure is a perfect way to experience the spectacular sandstone landscapes of Zion National Park and southwest Utah. Impress yourself as you safely learn to rappel cliffs, squeeze through slots, down-climb obstacles, and occasionally swim across pools of water.

Paragon Adventures

st. george canyoneering
Paragon Adventures: 435-673-1709

Paragon Adventures is a local group of passionate outdoor professionals. They offer canyoneering exploration programs of the world’s best slot canyons by hiking, rappelling, scrambling, and sometimes swimming and wading! They provide all the instruction, equipment, and transportation needed. They also offer rock climbing, zip-lining, mountain biking, and deserteering. You can call them at 435-673-1709 or visit their website here:

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