Best Hikes in Snow Canyon State Park

One of our favorite State Parks is Snow Canyon State Park. Many fun activities like camping, mountain biking, rock climbing, exploring the park on an ATV vehicle and obviously hiking, a very popular activity to try in Southern Utah.

If you are planning a visit and want to try some hiking trails but don’t know which ones? It’s your lucky day! We’re going to show you 5 Snow Canyon hikes that you can try on your next visit, let’s start with the list!

Top 5 Snow Canyon Hikes

We have prepared this list with our guest’s favorite snow canyon hikes, most of them are family-friendly hikes but there are also other hikes more difficult for our professional hikers.

1. Jenny’s Canyon Trail


If you’re looking for one of the most popular hikes in St. George, Utah with a short walk going up into a slot canyon, Jenny’s Canyon hike is your ideal choice.

Don’t worry if you don’t have previous hiking experience, you’ll be able to enjoy it all the same.

With a length of 0.5 miles and an approximate time of 30 minutes to complete, this is an ideal, family-friendly hike. It is easy to traverse and it’s considered appropriate even for small children. The best time to visit Jenny’s Canyon is during fall, summer, or winter.

The canyon is usually closed between March 15 and June 1st. The trail is located on the east side of Snow Canyon Road and the fee per vehicle is $6. If you want to camp you can also do it, but you must pay an extra fee.

How to get there:

After the traffic circle, you should take the first exit onto Snow Canyon Dr. In 1.5 miles and the trailhead will be on your right.

PS: And if you’re into exploring slots, we can recommend you also find out more on slot canyons to explore in Southern Utah on our website.

2.Cinder Cone Trail

While doing the Cinder Cone Trail you’ll be visiting one of the most ancient and highest volcanoes that exist in the US. Because of the level of elevation, you’ll find a great mix of flora and fauna.

It’s of moderate difficulty and it is 1.7 miles in length. The time required to finish this hike will be approximately 2 hours. The level of elevation is up to 500 feet, but once you reach the top you’ll be able to admire the beautiful Snow Canyon and Dammeron Valley.

If you’re planning on visiting Southern Utah trails with kids older than 7 or 8, then this is a good option for its single-track trail. The best time for this trail is from May to October, but it’s accessible year-round.

How to get there:

This trail is located near the boat ramp in the Butte Lake Day Use Area. You can take a 6-mile dirt road off of Highway 44 if you go through the Northwest entrance.

3.Butterfly Trail


Known as the Butterfly Trail, this hike is probably not as famous as other hiking trails because it’s used more as a connector trail but it features a huge petrified dune and incredible rocks.

The level of difficulty is moderate so if you want to try it you must have a little hiking experience. This trail has a length of almost 1.2 miles and it should take between 60-90 minutes to finish.

The best time to do the Petrified Dunes Trail is in spring and fall. We recommend starting in the morning to better appreciate the great views. It’s not a family hike, since it has plenty of uneven surfaces.

If you’re planning to go with your vehicle, the entrance fee is $10 per vehicle (up to 8 people). For seniors, the price is $5 per vehicle. 

How to get there:

To reach the trail, you must go to the west part of the Snow Canyon Road, it’s approximately 2.7 miles from the south entrance of the Park.

4.Petrified Dunes Trail


Located in the heart of Snow Canyon State Park and very close to St. George, it will only take you a short 18-minute drive to get there.

Surrounded by the most incredible views in the park, this trail is one of the most popular with local hikers.

It is approximately 1.2 miles in length and will take you an hour to complete. You’ll find restroom facilities on your way up and down.

The level of difficulty is moderate since the trail consists of a mix of dirt single track, slick rocks, and rocky terrain, which can make it a little challenging. As you walk towards higher elevations, the paths change more and more.

It’s recommended that you visit the Petrified Dunes in spring, fall, or winter to enjoy the views. There aren’t any campaign areas available at the trail. However, if you want to stay, the park has a designated camping area a few miles away.

How to get there:

The trail is located on the west side of snow canyon road, you can also guide by the dunes because the trail is located on the northern end.

5.Kestrel Trail


One of the differences between this trail is that apart from hiking, you can also traverse it on horseback.

Your family is going to love this trial because of all the things you’ll be able to perform here!

It’s considered to be an easy hike. If you’re planning a family vacation hike, the Kestrel Trail becomes a quite convenient and fun alternative. The distance from St. George to this trail is just a 12-minute drive. It’s a trip of 1.2 miles, and the whole family will love it.

You can plan your visit here at any time of the year since all seasons are perfect for it. However, you should try starting it in the morning so you have some time for more activities like biking or horse riding.

Bringing pets is also an option and a good idea! Dogs are allowed to visit but they must be on a 6 feet leash. 

How to get there:

Locate in the Snow Canyon Pkwy and walk approximately for 4 miles, and that’s it you will arrive at the entrance of this trailhead.
These Snow Canyon State Park hikes are some of our guest’s favorites. Besides these hikes in St. George Utah, you can also try other activities in Snow Canyon Park.

Coral Springs Resort is just a 20-minute drive to the park. So if you want to book one of our properties contact us to get started.

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