Romantic Hikes in St. George

On our blog, we usually focus on family activities. But, let’s be honest, every now and again you and your sweetheart need some alone time, even on a family vacation! In the spirit of Valentine’s Day (this weekend!), I’d like to share a short, romantic hike with you. Due to its short length and accessibility, this hike is ideal for stealing away for an afternoon, about 3 days into the trip when you feel like your children may drive you insane.

Romantic Hike in St. George, Utah
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First off, head to the Chuckwalla Trailhead (Take Exit 6 and turn north on Bluff St. Continue on for about 4 miles, the trailhead will be on the left – watch for trail users. Map). Head down the trail about ¾ of a mile, through the giant S-curve until you reach a grassy area with two large Cottonwood trees and a river. This is Mother Nature’s version of a perfect picnic spot, so pull out a blanket and yummy spread and enjoy. And now is the best time of year to visit! According to one hiker, “In the winter, the lifeless grassy patch is blanketed with fallen leaves perfect for a Valentine’s roll-about.” What are you waiting for?

The Chuckwalla Trail is a fast and easy escape. Even better, it gives you a beautiful view of the Green Valley and St. George area. This intimate picnic spot may be one of St. George’s greatest treasures.

Chuckwalla Trail in St. George, Utah

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