To Road Trip or Not to Road Trip?

“To Road Trip or Not to Road Trip?”

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The term “Road Trip” conjures up thoughts of adventure in the minds of children while simultaneously instilling fear and dread in the hearts of parents. While road trips can be seemingly long and uncomfortable, if done right, they have the potential of creating the best memories your family can make together. Below, you’ll find a tip that can make your road trip to St. George, Coral Springs, or the surrounding area interesting, fun, and memorable for the entire family…parents included.

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Make the road trip a vacation in and of itself. Do this by choosing a route that will allow you to enjoy the journey, not just the end destination. Sometimes, going out of the way to drive through a canyon or past a lake may be worth the extra time as it will make the trip more scenic and interesting. Claimed as one of the most scenic highways in the country, Highway 12 may be just the solution to your road trip woes.


Highway 12 runs through the major national parks of Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef. Though Zion’s National Park is not directly on Highway 12, you can visit it on the way to or from Highway 12 very easily. Usually, those coming to St. George from the Salt Lake City Airport (or northern Utah in general), take Interstate-15: a 4-5 hour drive from Salt Lake City proper. The drive is straight, flat, and relatively uninteresting. To make the trip more enjoyable, divert off of Interstate 15 in Scipio (Exit 188) and merge onto US-50. Take US-50 to US-24 and then US-24 to US-12/Highway 12 (MAP). Highway 12 will start close to Capitol Reef National Park, wind through Escalante/the Grand Staircase, and end in Bryce Canyon – a sight to behold. You will then take US-89 from Bryce back to Interstate-15 and follow the highway south to St. George. This route will add about 3.5 hours to your trip, but is well worth it. You and your crew will be amazed at the stunning views you’ve only seen before on posters or calendars. Be sure to bring your camera! You will want to take home a few visual souvenirs to show all your friends. The best part about this route is that it allows you and your caravan to enjoy your vacation before it has even started. Make the journey part of the fun! You could even challenge your kids to learn about the different sites along the way so that they have something to look forward to. Who knows, you may learn a thing or two from their research.


The bonus? You still arrived at your final destination! And with so much more under your belt. If you need to make the drive anyway, why not make it a scenic one? I can promise you, the kids will be so distracted by the plunging cliffs and expansive valleys, they will forget to ask, “Are we there yet?”

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