Restaurant Review: Cafe Allure – refreshing and local

One of the most wonderful aspects of visiting or living in St. George is the huge variety of restaurants and eateries throughout the city. You can find just about any type of food you want, and the restaurants themselves range from super casual to refined and upscale. If you’re a fan of New American cuisine, a St. George restaurant that should be on your radar is Cafe Allure. The restaurants’s welcoming atmosphere and tempting menu make it a must-try for anyone in town.

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Inside of Cafe Allure is a contemporary setting that’s well suited for quick lunches and dinners. There’s plenty to love on the menu, especially if you like trying creative takes on American style dishes. Deli sandwiches and wraps are a favorite of the restaurant’s fans, and varieties include savory delights such as ham and havarti, California chicken, and the satisfying pepper jack club. The paninis at Cafe Allure are also excellent, especially the balsamic chicken, Sicilian, and grilled veggie varieties.

The restaurant’s soups and salads provide ideal accompaniments to its selection of wraps and sandwiches, and you can get soup in two serving sizes: an 8 ounce cup or more generous 12 ounce bowl. The tomato basil gouda bisque is superb and will have you wanting to come back for more.

Just like Cafe Allure’s other dishes, the salad selection takes standard classics and adds innovative touches, plus each is made with as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. The flatbreads use house made dough and will please anyone that’s a fan of pizza. The Thai chicken flatbread is especially notable for its wonderful mix of Asian inspired ingredients, and the Allure Supreme is a hearty offering that’s filling enough for two to share.

Along with dinner and lunch you can get breakfast at Cafe Allure, and the restaurant also has a kids’ menu and handmade desserts. Fresh smoothies are a popular item at this eatery, and each is filled with all-natural ingredients and made to order. There’s so much variety on the menu at Cafe Allure that choosing what to order can be a challenge, but the friendly staff is always happy to make recommendations. This eatery is a nice spot to eat with family or catch up with friends, and the prices are quite reasonable considering the portions. For highly enjoyable casual dining and food made with quality ingredients, check out Cafe Allure on your next visit to St. George.

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