There are four Red Rock Relay’s being run in the state of Utah. Two of those races, Zion and Dixie, are being held in the backyard of Coral Springs Resort. Register today and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Southern Utah as you compete with your team. Come join us at the Coral Springs Resort for your perfect accommodations during the event. Rather than stay at a stuffy, crowded hotel, we invite you to stretch out and relax in our spacious suites complete with multiple bedrooms, large living areas, and your very own balcony and barbecue. Our suites are perfect for your group or family and include the following amenities:

  • 1,800+ square feet of living space: suites
  • Private balcony and barbeque grill: balcony
  • Indoor and outdoor pool: pool
  • Tennis and Basketball court: courts
  • Fitness room: exercise
  • Underground parking
  • Spacious living room and full kitchen: suites
  • Call now at 435-879-5839


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