3 Places To Go Rappelling in St George Utah

If you’re ready to try a new activity while visiting St George, we have an idea! Rappelling in St George Utah is a fun activity for many visitors. Here is a list of 3 great places to do rappelling

Places To Go For A Utah Rappelling Adventure

  • Dixie Rock
dixie rock at st George

Dixie Rock is located at Pioneer Park, the spectacular views of the White dome and Zion National Park make it worth it. Even if you are just on the side of the road you can often see people descending the cliff. 

You don’t have to be an expert climber to try rappelling here but is recommended that you have a little knowledge. You’ll find rocks that can be repelled easily. Don’t forget to bring the right equipment and do some research before you visit. 

  • Cougar Cliffs

The Cougar Cliffs are located at the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. You can try everything from easy and short rappels to difficult 100-foot rappelling cliffs.

This area is ideal if you’re new to rappelling because you can try the 45-degree slope before going to the big cliffs. If you’re more experienced we recommend going directly to the west edge or south side.

  • Green Valley Gap
Green Valley Gap

The Green Valley Gap is a narrow canyon outside St George and is well-known for rock climbing although you can also try doing a hike or mountain biking nearby. 

There is some kid-friendly rock climbing in case you’re traveling with your kids. On the north side, you’ll find many climbing anchors that will lead you to the top of the canyon. 

With this list of the best places to do rappelling in St George Utah, you’re ready to plan your next trip to St George, Utah. 

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