The Perfect Post-Thanksgiving Activity

While the days building up to Thanksgiving are exciting, the days following the feast can be…well…painful. After gorging yourself on turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pie, “de-tox” may be the perfect prescription – at least before you do it all over again come December. If you’re staying at Coral Springs Resort, or the broader St. George area, consider bringing your bikes and/or running shoes for the weekend. I have the perfect post-Thanksgiving feast activity for you.

Mayors Loop St George Utah

With the perfect weather coming  this weekend, consider biking, running, or walking Mayor’s Loop. This 5-6 mile trail provides the perfect family outing for that Friday after Thanksgiving when you know you should get out and move around, but feel a half-marathon may not be in the cards for you.

Mayor’s Loop is paved with slight changes in elevation. It is enjoyed by bikers, runners, and walkers alike and is short enough that anyone – young or old – can make the trek (check out this video!). Start just south of the Dixie Convention Center (see map). You’ll find a park with parking and restrooms. The trail is also incredibly versatile; just read the signs and decide which trail you would like to ride. If you and your group want a short ride, just complete the loop and call it it a day. For a longer, more scenic route, I recommend biking along the Virgin River south to Bloomington, but don’t veer off the trail! I had to learn the hard way (there are stickers along the trail). Another option: ride into St. George and pick a delicious spot for brunch. We have a few recommendations.

Mayors Loop St George Utah

You also may consider this for a  pre-Thanksgiving feast activity. Getting some exercise the morning of Thanksgiving allows your to clear some room in your daily calorie intake thereby further enjoying the feast!

However you do it, get out and enjoy this beautiful St. George weather! It won’t last for long.

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