Southern Utah is well-known for its outdoor activities, and that’s probably the reason many people visit this part of the state. However, that’s there’s a whole range of things you can try while exploring these parts, like paddlesports, which are great for doing during the summer!

You might have already heard about paddlesports in St. George and how in the last couple of years their popularity has grown. Anyone in your family will have a great deal of fun while doing at least one of these in the rivers, lakes and ponds that dot the landscape. Learn more and jump in the water for your next adventure!

What Are Paddlesports?

Easy to answer! Paddlesports are all the water sports that will require a paddle to propel or steer through the water. It’s normally done in lakes, since the water is calm and it’s easier to paddle about. There are also some seawater areas where you can go, where you might get some small waves but it’s still fun.


What Are The Most Popular Paddlesports?

You might not be familiar with the minutiae of paddlesports categories, for which many of them are simply a mix of two other sports but with a paddle! Here’s a list of the most popular ones, you may have heard of one:

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

It’s one of the paddlesports you can do on lakes, oceans, or rivers. Like the name implies, it’s all about paddleboarding while standing up, and it can be a great workout for your whole body! You will have to be patient because standing up can be a little challenging. Always start with a kneeled position and slowly stand up. When you’re stable, start paddling slowly on one side and then the other.



Is probably the most well-known paddlesport on this list. It’s very similar to canoeing but in this case the kayak is a smaller and very narrow watercraft. It’s also more stable and less impacted by wind and other elements. The moment you enter the water, put the paddle blade in the water near your toes and pull it along the side of the kayak, then repeat on the other side with the other blade.


If you want to try the easiest one, we highly recommend canoeing! It’s a matter of simply planting your paddle into the water so that the blade of the paddle is submerged and then pulling the paddle back towards you, then switching the side you paddle on every few strokes. If it’s your first time, try renting a double paddle canoe.


Better Places in Southern Utah to Practice Paddlesports

Don’t be fooled by all the red rock mountains you see in Southern Utah, in this area you can practice all the water sports we have mentioned before. If you are already curious about where to try them out, check the list for places where you can go.

Sand Hollow State Park


One of the favorite places for locals to practice any water sport is Sand Hollow State Park, especially in the summertime. More than 1,000 surface acres to do kayaking, paddleboarding, and other water sports like swimming, fishing, or boating. It’s located just a 16-minute drive from our resort. It’s open only during the summer and winter seasons. Here you can visit their website.

Quail Creek State Park


This park is not just a great place for camping but also for watersports, like stand-up paddleboarding and boating. This park is diverted from the Virgin River. Enjoy the 600 acres of the warmest water all year long. Opening hours are from 7 am to 9 pm daily. Located just an 8-minute drive from our resorts. Learn more here.

Ivins Reservoir


Photo: Hike St George 

This stream reservoir has been used for irrigation and recreation purposes. It has a capacity of 500 acre-feet of water; many locals visit this reservoir to swim and relax on summer days. You can also try paddleboarding and kayaking, there are a few rental companies if you don’t want to bring your equipment. The Irvins Reservoir is not a well-known place so it’s normally not as crowded as Quail Creek State Park Sand Hollow, which makes it ideal for beginners. The reservoir is just a 28-minute drive from our resort.

Our resort is very close to the best areas for paddlesports in case you need a place to stay, contact us. We would be very happy to help, and if you need some extra assistance, below you will find a trusted paddlesports company in the St. George area!

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