Mapping Out Zion National Park

Approximately 4.3 million people visit Zion National Park every year to enjoy the beautiful sandstone cliffs of cream, pink, and red that mix with a brilliant blue sky. Here is located one of the most dangerous hikes in the world: Angels Landing.

Visitors flock from around the globe to take in a natural beauty that has been so dutifully preserved. To make your visit to Zion National Park a little easier, we’ve included a few maps of the park below.

Map 1 - Zion-Park-Map-Website

Map 1 – Zion-Park-Map is a map of the entire park. We recommend you to visit the Emerald Pools, it’s an ideal hike for everyone. It has 3 levels, the lower level is ideal if you’re visiting with kids.

Click on it to enlarge the image and see the various trails in detail.

Map 2 - Zion-Canyon-Map-Website

Map 2 – Zion-Canyon-Map is a map of Zion Canyon – a beautiful drive for those wanting a quick overview of the park. Take a special look at the Zion History Museum, which shows part of the history of the American Indians, pioneers & Zion National Park.

Also, the Zion National Park visitor center is close to the museum in case you need some information. 

Map 3 - ZIONAreaMap_web-2

Map 3 – ZIONAreaMap puts the park in relation to the surrounding area. While touring Zion, you may as well visit a few other world-renown sites. The short drive will be well worth your time.

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