Jazz Up Your Family BBQ With Broccoli Salad

What summer BBQ is complete without a few amazing side dishes? While most BBQ’s come equipped with potato chips and potato salad and french fries, that’s too much potato for me. I like to jazz things up with different side dishes that marry perfectly with any burger, hot dog, or fried chicken you can whip up. Here is just one of them.

Broccoli is no longer a vegetable you steam and serve for Sunday dinner. This nutritional (and beautiful!) vegetable can be dished up as a zesty salad in many different ways.

Paula Dean Broccoli Salad

Southern Style:
Take tips from Paula Dean of the Food Network, alongside chunks of cheddar cheese, fresh grape tomatoes, and red onion was how broccoli was meant to be served! Add some crumbled bacon, raisins, and white vinegar, and you’re set. Find her recipe here.

All Recipes Broccoli Salad

Creamy Style:
To make your salad creamier, add mayonnaise to the vinegar. Keep the bacon, red onions, and raisins, but substitute almonds in for cheddar cheese for a crunch. Also, keeping mix-ins sliced small (onions, almonds, raisins, bacon) will help the broccoli come forward as the star of the dish. See recipe here.

image via www.fromvalerieskitchen.com
image via www.fromvalerieskitchen.com

Easy Style:
If you are running to the grocery store and just need a few things to make the salad, but are not interested in taking any of the ingredients home after the BBQ, here is my suggestion.

  1. Find the broccoli florets already cut up (you can find this in the produce section of any grocery store, usually in plastic bags)
  2. Buy poppy-seed dressing, bacon crumbles, sunflower seeds, and craisins (dried cranberries)
  3. Mix and enjoy

This salad requires very little assembling and all of the ingredients will be used. And there’s no need for chopping (red onion flavor is in dressing)!

The great thing about a broccoli salad is that it’s quite versatile. Vegetarian? Omit the bacon. Don’t like raisins? Substitute craisins. Not a fan of almonds? Any nut or see will do. Want to get creative? Add shredded broccoli slaw for a different texture that will wow the entire family. Broccoli salad is a perfect summer dish for any BBQ. Plus, it just may get your kiddos to start liking vegetables.


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