7 Tips To Enjoy the Best Hikes in St. George

St. George is the perfect place if you are looking for hikes. You’ll find hikes of all levels—from challenging canyoneering for experts all  the way to easy day hikes for all the members of your family. It’s important to consider some tips if you are thinking about taking any of these hikes. Coral Springs Resort has 7 tips to keep in mind before you start your adventures.

7 Tips for hiking in St. George

1. Choose the right hike

The variety of hikes that you are going to find in St. George can get you excited, but before choosing one, it is important to research its level of difficulty, including how long it will take to complete, any trail risks, and obviously the weather as well. Here are some options for the best hikes in St. George.

2. Drink water

Carry plenty of water if you are planning a day of hiking excursions in a place like Zion National Park or surrounding areas, and then drink that water to stay hydrated. You get bonus points if you carry your own refillable bottle instead of single-use plastic!

3. Wear comfortable clothes

It’s important to feel comfortable while hiking. The hot, dry climate of Southern Utah can be difficult if you’re wearing heavy, non-breathable clothing. For example, you can use light-weight clothing that breathes and easily sheds moisture (not cotton), long pants and long-sleeve shirts are recommended to protect you from insects, sun exposure, and even a sharp branch hanging out across the trail.

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4. Pack energy food

Having some snacks like CLIF bars, or granola, will be useful in the middle of the hike to recover some energy. 

5. Take frequent breaks

You’ll need energy to complete the trails on time. Take small breaks every hour or half-hour to drink water and eat snacks to keep your energy level up. If you can find a shady spot, even better!

6. Use sunscreen

Apply sunscreen before you even start the hike and then throughout the hike as well. Even when the weather is cold, you still need to apply sunscreen to prevent sunburns. In St. George, the summers are sweltering and mostly clear, the winters are very cold and partly cloudy, and it is dry year round. The temperature typically varies from 31°F (on the coldest days of the winter)  to 102°F (during the dog days of summer).

7. Just carry the essentials in your backpack

Don’t fill your backpack with unnecessary stuff, remember when your backpack is light you will enjoy your hiking more and it’ll be easier.  For example, water, snacks, and a first-aid kit. Oh, and don’t forget your phone or camera! The scenery of Southern Utah is some of the most unique and inspiring in the world.

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