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 What Family Traditions Does Your Family Have?

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Family traditions are part of the glue that holds families together. In this post I am going to outline one of my favorite family traditions called the 4 year old trip (any grandchild over 4 years old goes on a trip with grandpa and grandma every year). As you read this post and think of some of the fun family traditions that your family has. Please send me a message or a comment on the post, I would love to hear your ideas.

For the last twenty two years my grandparents have been taking any grandchild over the age of four years old on a trip every year. These trips were not extremely expensive or far in distance. I remember I would look forward to this trip all year, I loved hanging out with my cousins and grandparents. When we were young it seemed like we could go anywhere and as long as there was a hotel pool we were happy. Recently my grandmother passed away so we decided to do one final four year old trip with all the grandchildren that could make it. It was much harder to round everyone up because of our crazy schedules but I am so glad that we did!


We decided to stay at the Coral Springs Resort because they had large 3 bedroom suites that we could fit our entire group into. This spacious accommodation was like a home away from home. We enjoyed the facilities at the resort as well. We spent hours at the indoor/outdoor pools and hot tubs. We also had some fun playing tennis!

Coral Springs Resort Pool

One of the highlights of our family vacation was the Tuacahn Theater. We enjoyed a backstage tour, catered dinner and excellent seats to Mary Poppins. The play was excellent. The acting and singing was incredible and the beauty of the red rock canyon that they outdoor theater sits in was breathtaking.

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins

Sand Hollow Lake was so much fun. We had a boat with us and enjoyed some wakeboarding and tubing. We also had a picnic on the beach with grandpa. Regardless of whether you have a boat or not you need to visit Sand Hollow. They have some rock formations that you can jump off creating a natural diving board!

We also had the opportunity to visit the majestic Zion National Park. We enjoyed a few hikes including the narrows trail. The hikes were not too strenuous and grandpa was able to enjoy his time in the park. They have a shuttle service that takes you to all the various hikes in the park making travel to different hikes very easy. I would suggest this National Park to anyone staying at the Coral Springs Resort.

It is family traditions like these that make our families stronger. Once again please comment and let me know what your family traditions are.

What are your family traditions?

Live Well, Travel Better,

-Weston Sill


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