Best Family Reunion Games In St George

Family reunions are always exciting and a special time to gather with your loved ones. The best way to enjoy this time it’s planning the best family reunion games, and here at Coral Springs Resort we have a list to help you. 

St George Family Activities For Your Next Family Reunion 

  • Sack Race
family games in St George

One of the most popular games in any family reunion! If you’ve got a big group then you could split everyone into teams and make it a relay. 

It’s a simple game but everyone knows how to play and it’s really fun. You can get the sacks on Amazon..

  • Photo Guessing
photo Guessing in family reunion in St George

This will need a bit of preparation but it’ll be worth it. Try to collect as many baby pictures as you can from all the members of your family. With help of digital cameras or scanners collect the pictures. 

At the family reunion, present the photos and the person or team that gets more correct answers can win a special prize.(It’s better when you have prizes)

  • The Telephone Game
family reunion outdoor games: Telephone Game

For this game age doesn’t matter, this is a classic game. The more people the merrier on this one because the message will get more and more jumbled.

There aren’t set rules for this game, so you can add some to make it more challenging and funnier, this game is a great family reunion idea.

  • Tug Of War
tug of war at a family reunion game

An easy game that can be played over and over and still be fun. Try mixing up different combinations of ages and sizes to determine how to have the most fun.

Make sure you get a rope that is strong enough so there aren’t any injuries.

  • Bingo
bingo in st George

If you need a classic game that can get your whole family’s attention, this is definitely the game you should play! You can find a set online, in case you don’t already have one.

It’s a friendly competition and will help family members to start a conversation. To learn more ideas for your family reunion in Utah, click on the blue letters.

  • Family Trivia
family trivia at your family reunion

Last but not least, this is our favorite game. You have to collect family information and categories the answers. This might be a lot of work but it’s an interesting game to know more about your family background. 

Let us know how it went with these family reunion games and which new one you’ll recommend. Don’t forget to visit our Corals Springs Resort Facebook and Instagram page to leave your comments!

If you’re looking for St George Family Reunion Rentals, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you book one of our rentals. 

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