3 Of The Best Games To Play in Family Reunions!

Family Reunion Game Ideas

fun family reunion games

Ready. Set. Go! Below are some fun Family Reunion games that the entire family will enjoy. When you stay at the Coral Springs Resort you will already have access to a tennis court, basketball court and sand volleyball court, not to mention there are indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs for the whole family to enjoy.

We know that planning a family reunion is stressful, we have tried to make this a seamless process by giving you great ideas for games below and also providing your group with customizable itineraries.

Family reunions can be boring without the right location, activities and planning. Every good family reunion is well planned and starts out with some fun family activities or games that break the ice. Let’s face it sometimes the reunion is the only time you see you cousins. This first game is a fun way to get everyone talking and having fun. It will also provide some great photos that everyone can enjoy.


1. Camera Hot Potato

Instead of just taking awkward photos of everyone as they’re stuffing their faces with family reunion BBQ, put your digital camera to use in a 21st-century version of musical chairs. This game is hilarious and lets you capture memories while you’re creating them. The only thing you need is a digital camera with a self-timer and a flash.

Are you ready? Everyone sits in a circle, the person with the camera sets the self-timer and makes sure the auto-flash mode is engaged, points the camera at him- or herself for a moment, and then passes the camera.

Pass the camera until the camera takes a picture. The person left holding the camera when it fires must perform some predetermined act. For example, they must do a handstand or tell a funny joke.

After or during the family gathering, the camera’s owner can upload the images on social media for everyone to enjoy.

Some good advice when you play this game: First, protect the device you’re using with some shock-resistant cover because there’s a good chance someone will become overexcited and drop it. And second, consider using the video mode, too. You can start recording a video clip and set a kitchen timer. The clips will be blurry and jerky, but the laughter and glimpses of your loved ones are totally worth it.

fam reunion game

2. The Amazing Race: 

If you haven’t seen The Amazing Race, the concept is simple. Pairs of contestants race literally around the world. As they move from country to country they have to follow clues and complete challenges as they compete against other teams. With each clue and task the team completes they receive a new clue. At the end of each show, a team may be eliminated until there are only three teams racing for the million-dollar prize!   As I watched each team compete there was a common thread between them all; they enjoyed the time spent competing with their teammate. With teams consisting of parents and children, brothers and sisters, dating couples, and best friends, everyone genuinely enjoyed the competition.

You could adapt this to fit your own family event. The rules are simple…

  1. Take the provided list of clues and find each location. 
  2. Travel to every location and take a family picture at each one. 
  3. But don’t forget to complete any of the tasks on the way. 
Families/teams not only received points for each picture taken at the correct locations, but also for creative pictures along the way. The first family/team to finish before the set time limit receives an additional 15 points! 
With every event, there are always key elements that must be taken into consideration. Here are a few essential elements which will help make your Amazing Race a success with your family. 
  • LOCATION! – You can make this event as big as you like. You can set it up all around the surrounding city where you live – or in your neighborhood. Whether families/teams are all stationed in one central location racing to the finish or spread out all over the city, the right location can make your event a success.
  • THE PRIZE – While the main “prize” for this event is the opportunity for your family and the teams to enjoy a fun and unique opportunity to spend time together, a prize at the end adds to the excitement. The prize needs to be something fun that involves the entire family/team. (You could have other teams fix a special meal for the winning team and give out winner’s t-shirts or crowns or hats . . . something which recognizes their “achievement”!)
  • POINT SYSTEM – The point system can change the ebb and flow of the race. Take this scenario for example. If each picture taken at every location is worth five points, most teams will end up with the same point totals. To help with this problem, I suggest adding some creativity points into the race. You can give teams the opportunity to score more points by taking fun and visually creative pictures at the locations.
  • CLUES – This by far is the most important element of The Amazing Race. If you make the clues to the locations too hard, the teams won’t be able to find them. If you make them too easy, every team will end up with the same number of points. The key is to find the balance in between. A clue that stumps most teams, but not all of them, could be the deciding factor between first and second place.
Here are some additional ideas which may help make your Amazing Race family game more fun for all:  
  1. Have families/teams pick colors. Give them creativity points for supporting their team colors!
  2. Include hidden clues in the race which families/teams may receive extra points for by answering trivia questions.
  3. Select locations which hold special memories for families/teams (Like the local zoo or museum).
  4. Involve as many people/teams as possible. 
  5. Most importantly, have fun with the creative process. Some of these ideas may not mesh well with your location and family. Pick and choose the elements which will make your family’s Amazing Race a success.”
If you decide to use this event with your family, feel free to modify and tweak it to make it the best “fit” for your family!
This will take time, but if you have more time than money, the time you spend will be well worth it as your family races through your community on your Family Amazing Race!
family baby picture old family photos

3. Who’s the Baby?: 

This is a great way for kids to get to know their grandparents and their families. The object of the game is to match up a baby picture to an adult picture of any of your family reunion participants. You may need to take pictures of your old photos in order to play this game. 
*Print out an old photo and a recent photo of each person you would like to highlight. 
*Tape the baby pictures to their own board and the adult pictures to another board. 
*Have each contestant try to place a baby picture next to an adult picture. 
Note: you may want to write the names on the back of the pictures so you are not going from memory. 
If you have any fun game ideas please feel free to send them to reservations@coralspringsresort.com we would love to feature your ideas on our next family reunion post. These games combined with the incredible amenities at Coral Springs will make your next family reunion an unforgettable experience!

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