5 Must-Do Canyoneering Trips In St. George, Utah

Southern Utah is one of the most renowned canyoneering locations in the world. With hundreds of slot canyons and trails to explore, it’s no wonder it has a place on the bucket list of every adventure seeker. The beautiful sandstone walls and unique desert landscapes make the southern Utah slot canyons feel like a whole different planet. 


Where to go: Best Canyons in Southern Utah

With so many canyons to explore there’s something for everyone, from first time climbers to experienced canyoneers. To help improve your next adventure, our local team here at Coral Springs Resort put together a list of the 5 best canyoneering trips in southern Utah.

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1. The Narrows

The Narrows is one of the most famous slot canyons in southern Utah. It is the narrowest section of Zion Canyon and features walls that reach over a thousand feet tall! Although this does not feature a lot of climbs or repels it’s beautiful landscapes provide plenty of reasons to visit. This is a great place for anyone because you can make it as short and as easy as you want, but if you’re searching for a challenge you can apply for a permit to complete the 16 mile strenuous route through the whole canyon! 

2. Johnson Canyon Arch

This is a great place for beginner canyoneers. It is very accessible and provides a great place for less experienced climbers and repellers to practice their skills and be able to enjoy a pleasant hike to the arch. It is not open year round so it’s important to check the availability of this hike during your trip. Located right outside snow canyon it’s a very short drive from the Coral Springs Resort and other places to stay near the canyon.

3. The Subway

This trail can be done from the bottom-up or the top-down. The most popular route is from the top-down and requires at least 60 feet of rope, rappelling skills, and an adventurous spirit! Before you begin this trip make sure you have a good understanding of the route and bring plenty of food and water because this can be an all day trip! Weather conditions can also affect your trip so be aware of previous weather patterns and current forecasts.

4. Keyhole Canyon

This is a very short trip that can be done in under two hours, but don’t let the distance fool you! Keyhole Canyon is still a challenging canyoneering route that requires repels and swims through large natural pools. The water is generally very cold so wetsuits are recommended even during the summer months. Minimal gear is needed to complete this trip, so many people suggest putting wetsuits and harnesses on near your vehicle, and hurrying to the trail to avoid heatstroke.

5. Heaps and Imlay Canyons

These final two canyons on our list are not for the faint of heart. These two canyons require a lot of experience and skill to accomplish. The majority of these routes require wading or swimming through potholes, repelling long distances, and climbing up slick sandstone ledges. Make sure to have someone in your group who has completed them before and can comfortably lead you through. While they can be some of the most entertaining routes in Zion, they can also be very dangerous so always make a plan and be prepared before you begin your adventure!

Canyoneering is an amazing adventure that everyone can enjoy! With a little preparation it’s a safe, exciting way to explore the world like you never have before. It provides unique experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Come give one of these adventures a shot on your next trip to southern Utah and we promise you won’t regret it!  Here’s a list with some tips to help you to be prepared for canyoneering in St. George

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