You have always heard about the majestic red rock beauty that Zions National Park and surrounding areas offer, now it is time to live it. St. George is quickly becoming the best known mountain biking destinations in America.

Southern Utah boasts its clear skies upwards of 325 days every year. Our trails are open year round with minimal traffic. One can avoid the summer heat by starting their ride early and coming back to Coral Springs Resorts’ luxury pool around noon to enjoy and relax. Most of the year temperatures range from the mid-fifties to the low-eighties.

Some of our world class trails include: Gooseberry Mesa, Bear Claw, Barrel Roll, Green Valley Loop, Little Creek and Poppy Trail. There are over fifty other trails with incredible scenery and a challenge for any adventure seeker.

Below are some cycle shops and guides that we trust.

Mountain Bike Buddies

Mountain Bike Buddies: 800-860-6460

Bicycles Unlimited

Bicycles Unlimited: 435-673-4492

Zion Adventure Company

Zion Adventure Company: 435-772-1001

Red Desert Adventure

Red Desert Adventure: 435-668-2888

Zion Cycles

Zion Cycles: 435-772-0400

Over the Edge Sports

Over the Edge Sports: 435-635-5455

Red Rock Bicycle Company

Red Rock Bicycle Company: 435-674-3185

Paragon’s Adventures

Paragon Adventures: 435-673-1709

Bike Zion

Bike Zion: 435-772-0320

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