Best Tips For the Angels Landing Hike

One of the most famous hikes in St George, Utah is located in Zion National Park. If you like hiking you’ve probably already heard about Angels Landing hike. You can find a lot of hiking trails in St George but if you’re planning to try the popular Angel Landing hike we have a couple of tips to make this adventure more smooth.

5 Tips For Angels Landing Hike 

1. Secure Your Belongings

You need the right equipment to have a successful hike but particularly on this hike you need to make sure they’re securely fastened. The trail gets thin during certain parts of the hike and that’s not a great time to lose something.

2. Wear The Right Footwear


This is one of the most important tips. Make sure you have shoes that you’ve broken in and have secure grip so that if it happens to rain you still will have secure footing.

3. Respect The Signs


Even for a professional hiker, this trail can be precarious. Read the signs and follow the rules for Angels Landing. Especially over the knife’s edge portion of the trail. No need to hurry or break the rules, especially at that spot.

4. Let’s Talk Hydration


The weather at Zion National Park is always changing. But what won’t change is the fact that you need to stay hydrated. Pack enough water. Preferably 2 liters per person. There aren’t any places on the Angels Landing trail to refill, so be prepared.

5. Take great pictures

Zion National Park is one of the most photogenic places on the planet and you’ve got to have proof that you made it to the top of Angels Landing, so grab those shots! 

Just remind yourself to do it in safe places not only for your safety but also for the safety of others. And tag us so we can enjoy your accomplishments by using #PrivateVacations

We hope these tips are helpful when you decide to do the Angels Landing hike trail and don’t forget you can also do many other activities at this national park. 

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