Best St George Canyoneering Tips

If you like exploring unique places and experience high levels of adrenaline, you must try St. George canyoneering. An ideal location to try this and other outdoor activities is definitely Southern Utah

Tips To Explore Utah Canyons

Wear Appropriate Clothing

It’s important to wear comfortable clothes not only for canyoneering but for any outdoor activity. If you want to stay comfortable while enjoying St George canyoneering, try to wear quick-dry clothes as well as water-resistant shoes, and be sure to carry an additional set of clothes just in case.

Choose the Right Equipment

equipment for canyoneering

If it’s your first time exploring the Utah canyons, you must go to special stores to get the right equipment like rappel gloves, head protection, glasses, a small but compact backpack, and rappel ropes. It’s very important that you take these items with you, because they’ll be helpful on your adventure. 

Check the Weather Forecast

To fully enjoy canyoneering in Utah National & State parks, one of the main factors you should check is the weather. The rule is to avoid rain. With the threat of flash floods you don’t want to get stuck in a tight spot during poor weather.

Learn How to Lock Off

It doesn’t matter what type of rappel device you use, you must learn how to lock off your rappel line before you get going. You might experience different types of situations where you’ll need to lock off and it will be helpful to be prepared. Also, you may come across beautiful sceneries where you might wish to lock off and take some pictures, just be careful. If you don’t know how to do this, you should hire an adventure company to assist you.

Search and Request Information About the Canyon

slot canyons in Southern Utah

Before you go on canyoneering adventures you should do your research. If you don’t have the time you can always hire an adventure company in the area (call us if you need recommendations) but put in the time to learn how to get to the canyon, the features of the area, the weather, and any tips on the trails themselves.

PS: If you want to explore 5 slot canyons in Southern Utah, check this blog. 

Don’t Forget an Emergency Kit

Like any other adventure sport,  accidents can happen while canyoneering. That’s why you must bring an emergency kit that should include an emergency blanket, a headlamp, basic first aid supplies, a fire starter, a knife, and a water purification method. 

Here at Southern Utah, you’ll find a lot of places to do canyoneering like Snow Canyon State Park, St George Pioneer Park, and our favorite Zion National Park

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