Backstage At Tuacahn Theater

Backstage At Tuacahn Theater

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Hopefully, by now, you’ve experienced the production that is Tuacahn: the special effects, the lights, the music, the costumes…all against the backdrop of wild red rock. But, have you ever wondered what goes into such a production? What contraptions enable evil flying monkeys to soar through the stage? What devices allow water to flow from the waterfall behind onto the stage to create an ocean where mermaids swim? Such questions (and many more) can be answered on the Tuacahn Backstage Tour! Visitors are able to go behind the scenes and walk through the costume shop, the scene shop, the green room, and learn what really goes into a stage production at Tuacahn.

If you are taking your family to Tuacahn this year, you really should sign up for this backstage tour. It only lasts 30 minutes and costs $4.00/person ($2.00 for kids 12 years and under). What a deal! This tour is a fabulous way to start your night at Tuacahn; it will change your experience.


Tours are offered year round. Reservations required. Call 435-652-3300 to find out more information about tour availability and book today!

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