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Family reunions are a perfect breeding ground for memories…what kind of memories are made is up to you. We’ve all walked away from a family reunion rejuvenated, feeling closer to our kin having spent time together. We’ve also walked away from a family reunion with the opposite sentiment, feeling relieved to have it over with.

So, the question is: how do you make a family reunion fun and interesting for everyone, even if “everyone” ranges in age from 2 to 82? Look no further. We have a fun solution for you!

Family reunion in st george

Plan a family talent show! Now, before images of mass humiliation cause you to close your computer down and disregard this tip completely, give me a chance to explain…

A family talent show is the perfect solution to your family reunion doldrums for three reasons: a talent show is 1) easy to plan, 2) versatile, and 3) hilarious.

First of all, a talent show requires almost no planning at all. A few weeks before the reunion, send an email to those attending and ask each family (or family member) to come up with a talent to share, then let them take care of the rest. Choose a night towards the latter part of the reunion and, after dinner, move the chairs around to create a theater arrangement. Draw names from a hat or choose some kind of order. Then, just sit back and relax while the talent show takes place. There you have it – fun for everyone that is free and easy to plan!

Secondly, a talent show is versatile: any one of any age and any talent can participate. It doesn’t matter if grandma wants to serenade you with an old-time favorite or your 3 year old niece wants to demonstrate her new “blowing bubbles out my nose” trick – both can participate! In fact, I suggest you encourage diversity. Many members of your family will feel like that they have nothing to contribute because they can’t sing or dance or throw a baton. The wonderful thing about a family talent show is that it can include any talent: card dealing, joke telling, arm bending, face making, bubble blowing, tongue clicking, hand standing – you name it.

Family Talent Show
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Lastly, family talent shows have the potential to be hilarious. You’ll be surprised to find out what your family members – who you thought you knew so well – can do. Hidden talents abound! This is a fabulous way to bond as a family.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your family know that there will be a family talent show this coming reunion and that they have something to prepare for and look forward to.

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