5 Fun Things You Can Do At Snow Canyon State Park In St George, Utah

If you are planning to visit St George on your next summer vacation and want to travel to some of the beautiful state parks along the southern part of the state, yet you haven’t decided on which one would be the right choice for you and your family, we can help you with that. 

Probably the most famous State Park in Southern Utah is Snow Canyon State Park. This is a small but beautiful park that has sandstone cliffs and dunes that makes this place unique. It’s just a 10 minutes drive from downtown St George and close to Zion National Park.

If you are wondering what you can do in this park, up next there are 5 ideas good ideas.

Activities You Can Do In Snow Canyon State Park

1.Going for a Hike

snow canyon hikes

Doing some hikes in St George Utah is a must-do activity when exploring the state. In this park, you’ll be able to find the most incredible canyons and rock formations that have a beautiful mix of red and white sandstones created millions of years ago where you can hike and have a great time.  

Because it’s a very popular activity to do you’ll find a lot of hiking trails for every level of hikers. 

2.Rock Climbing 

This activity is probably better to do if you have older kids because it isn’t easy to do for younger kids. You’ll find a lot of types of climbing challenges from beginners to professionals. That’s what makes this activity very popular in any of the State Parks in St George.

3.Admire the Petroglyphs at Snow Canyon


Can you believe there is a small slot canyon filled with ancient petroglyphs made by Native Americans millions of years ago? 

Well, you’ll find 4 types of petroglyphs on this spot. It’ll be an incredible opportunity to show your kids something that is great and unique. 

4.Going on Horseback Riding

Snow Canyon State Park might not be the biggest park in St George but it has many incredible spots you must see. 

Maybe you want to visit every spot but it’s a long walk that’s why having some horseback riding will be the perfect idea for you and your family to enjoy the beautiful views this place can offer. You can find a lot of horseback trails all over the park and companies that offer this service.

5.Going Camping For The Weekend


This is the most favorite family activity to do when you visit St George. The facilities you can find in this Snow Canyon State Park will make this experience a unique one and your kids will be so happy.

Imagine going to sleep under the stars and waking up in the most peaceful environment.

These are some activities you can do while visiting Snow Canyon State Park. If you are still planning your vacation and haven’t found a place to stay while you visit St George you can contact us for more information about our suites and facilities. 

We want you to enjoy the best time in our resort. That’s why we have a special offer for our guests and a 48-hours cancellation policy. We want you and your family to feel like home.

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