4 Ways To Enjoy Golf in St George

If you have been wondering how to make your next Coral Springs golf trip a more exciting one, here at Coral Springs Resort we have been developing some ideas to help you better enjoy your time playing golf in St George. Read the list and try these things when you schedule your next golf weekend.

4 Tips to Have a Great Time at Your Next Golf Trip

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1.Get Into A Golf Mindset

As soon as you take off for your golf trip, you must change your mindset. Forget about work or any pending matters that you may have at home, and just think about the good times you’re about to enjoy.

A good way to think about it is that each golf game is a different challenge for you, and an opportunity for a new small chapter where you just enjoy the present and spend your time relaxing and sharing time with your buddies or your family. Give your whole attention to your golf weekend.


2.Choose The Right Golf Course


If you’re a true golf fan you should know that St George is synonymous with the best golf in Utah and you’ll find the best golf courses here. 

That’s why it’s important, depending on your preference and budget, to choose the best golf course in St George. To learn more about which are the top golf courses in Utah, click on the blue link.

3.Get Your Equipment


It’s most likely true that every golf course will offer you rental equipment. And unless you’re new at golfing, you should decline the offer and instead take your own golf equipment on this trip.

The reason is really simple: by having your custom fitted golf equipment you’ll improve your game. You will be more comfortable and know which club is better depending on the shot you’re about to take.

4.Vacation Home Rentals in St. George

To complete your perfect golf weekend, you should stay at a place that is near the best golf courses and has great facilities to enjoy your time off the course.

To help you with this, we recommend you visit the Private Vacations website, it’s a travel agency that will help you choose the best rental home in Southern Utah, they have a variety of rentals to offer you. 

Coral Springs resort amenities

We can assure you that if you consider these 4 tips,your next time playing golf in St George will be incredible. Our Coral Springs Resort Crew is ready to help you book your vacation rental, just contact us!

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